11.0901 - Computer Systems Networking & Telecommunications (2011 Implement by Fall 2012)

Foundation Standards

X. TECHNICAL SKILLS: Use the technical knowledge and skills required to pursue the targeted careers for all pathways in the career cluster, including knowledge of design, operation, and maintenance of technological systems critical to the career cluster.

A. Demonstrate knowledge of the hardware components associated with information systems.
B. Compare classes of software associated with the development and maintenance information systems to develop software and maintain computer systems.
C. Identify and compare new IT trends and technologies to build an understanding of their potential influence on IT practices.
D. Summarize basic data communications components and trends to maintain and update IT systems.
E. Demonstrate technical knowledge of the Internet to develop and maintain IT systems.
F. Access and use Internet services when completing IT related tasks to service and update IT systems.
G. Install and configure software programs to maintain and update IT systems.
H. Demonstrate knowledge of Web page basics to build an understanding of Web page design and functioning.
I. Employ IT knowledge and procedures when configuring or modifying an operating system to ensure optimal system functioning.
J. Perform standard computer backup procedures to protect IT information.
K. Recognize and analyze potential IT security threats to develop and maintain security requirements.
L. Maintain computer systems to ensure optimal IT system functioning.
M. Provide IT support and training to maintain proper network functioning.
N. Identify and describe quality assurance concepts to develop an understanding of the requirements for quality IT products/services.
O. Describe the use of computer forensics to prevent and solve information technology crimes and security breaches.

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