19.0700 - Child & Custodial Care Services

Technical Standards

I. Competency Goal 1 – To establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment

C. Functional Area 3 (Learning Environment) – Candidate uses space, relationship, materials, and routines as resources for constructing and interesting, secure, and enjoyable environment that encourages play, exploration, and learning..

1. Uses materials, books, and equipment that are stimulating to each child and suitable to individual learning styles, including those of special needs children.
2. Uses materials that demonstrate acceptance of each child's sex, family, race, language, and culture.
3. Provides easily accessible learning materials (e.g., puzzles, crayons, markers, and books) that children can explore by themselves, as well as putting some materials away for special times or for use at later stages of development.
4. Organizes space into identifiable areas that encourage appropriate and indepen­dent use of materials.
5. Balances active and quiet, free and structured, individual and group, indoor and outdoor activities.
6. Provides many opportunities for children to develop their senses and ability to concentrate.
7. Varies routines spontaneously to take advantage of unusual opportunities; e.g., goes outside in the snow, invites a visiting grandmother to share stories or songs with children, lets the children watch workers and machinery on the street, or plays with one child for an extra period of time when additional adults are available to care for group.
8. Adapts the daily schedule to accommodate children with special needs rather than requiring them to fit the schedule.
9. Bilingual Specialization
10. Uses objects, music activities, and celebrations that are meaningful to young children to encourage development of both languages and cultures.
11. Helps parents identify resources in their homes, families, and community that will support the development of both languages.
12. Establishes and maintains a routine for use of the second language in daily activities.

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