19.0700 - Child & Custodial Care Services

Technical Standards

V. Competency Goal V – To ensure a well-run purposeful program responsive to participant needs

A. Functional Area 12 (Program Management) - Candidate is a manager who uses all available resources to ensure an effective program operation. The Candidate is a competent organizer, planner, record keeper, communicator, and a cooperative co-worker.

1. Works with parents to identify the strengths and needs of each child.

2. Develops skills in observing and recording information about children and their families in a nonjudgmental manner for use in planning and carrying out daily programs.

3. Maintains up-to-date records concerning the growth, health, behavior, and progress of each child and the group and shares the information with parents and appropriate center personnel.

4. Considers goals and objectives for each child and for the group as a whole. Develops realistic plans responsive to the needs of all, including children with disabilities.

5. Implements plans for each child by identifying developmentally and culturally appropriate activities and materials for each day.

6. Has a clear understanding of her/his responsibilities within the program.

7. Discusses issues that affect the program with appropriate staff and follows up on their resolution.

8. Works as a member of a team with others in the classroom and the program, including substitutes, parents and volunteers.

9. Supports other staff by offering assistance and supervision when needed.

10. Makes or obtains materials and equipment appropriate to the developmental needs of the children.

11. Coordinates program plans (including guidance and discipline techniques) with parents, specialists, and program personnel, when appropriate.

12. Knows the language resources of each family and uses these in the program.

13. Works with appropriate staff to choose substitutes carefully, requiring experience with children of the same ages whenever possible.

14. Orients new or substitute caregivers and volunteers to routines and the special needs and abilities of each child.

15. Implements procedures that help children make a smooth transition from one group to another.

16. Knows the social service, health, and education resources of the community and uses them when appropriate.

17. Recognizes possible learning problems and works with parents and specialists to develop plans specific to the needs of each child. Implements recommended treatment by the following up on referrals, and working with the family to meet goals for the child.

18. Establishes liaison with community services that respond to family violence (e.g., Parents Anonymous, Child Protective Services, and local shelter programs).

19. Uses knowledge of language development and bilingualism to plan for each child and the group.

20. Recognizes and helps others recognize the needs of children and families who speak a different language and operate in a different cultural context.

21. Makes use of available evaluation instruments in the non-English language.

22. Takes account of families' concerns about such issues as language usage and culturally different styles of relating.

23. Works with appropriate staff in choosing substitutes who meet the language needs of the children and program whenever possible.


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