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7 Learning and Instruction

Academic Alignment


Math 7 Grade N.FL.07.07 Solve problems involving operations with integers.
Math 7 Grade N.FL.07.08 Add, subtract, multiply, and divide positive and negative rational numbers fluently.*
Math 7 Grade N.FL.07.09 Estimate results of computations with rational numbers.
Math 7 Grade D.RE.07.01 Represent and interpret data using circle graphs, stem and leaf plots, histograms, and box-and-whisker plots, and select appropriate representation to address specific questions.

Academic Alignment


Academic Alignment

Language Arts

English Expectations CE 1.1.4 Compose drafts that convey an impression, express an opinion, raise a question, argue a position, explore a topic, tell a story, or serve another purpose, while simultaneously considering the constraints and possibilities of the selected form or genre.
English Expectations CE 1.2.3 Write, speak, and create artistic representations to express personal experience and perspective.
English Expectations CE 1.3.1 Compose written, spoken, and/or multimedia compositions in a range of genres: pieces that serve a variety of purposes and that use a variety of organizational patterns.


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