11.0801 - Digital/Multimedia & Information Resources Design (2011 Implement by Fall 2012)


4 Customer Service and Planning

Academic Alignment


Academic Alignment


Academic Alignment

Language Arts

English Expectations CE 1.2.2 Write, speak, and visually represent to develop self-awareness and insight.
English Expectations CE 1.2.3 Write, speak, and create artistic representations to express personal experience and perspective.
English Expectations CE 1.3.2 Compose written and spoken essays or work-related text that demonstrate logical thinking and the development of ideas for academic, creative, and personal purposes: essays that convey the author’s message by using an engaging introduction, well-constructed paragraphs, transition sentences, and a powerful conclusion.
English Expectations CE 2.3.6 Reflect on personal understanding of reading, listening, and viewing; set personal learning goals; and take responsibility for personal growth.
English Expectations CE 2.3.8 Develop and apply personal, shared, and academic criteria to evaluate own and others’ oral, written, and visual texts.


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