15.0000 - Engineering, General (2011) Consolidated

Consolidated Standards


B. Employ technological tools to expedite workflow.

1. Use information technology tools to manage and perform work responsibilities.

2. Use email to share files and documents.

3. Identify the functions and purpose of email systems.

4. Use email to communicate within and across organizations.

5. Access and navigate Internet (e.g., use a web browser).

6. Search for information and resources.

7. Evaluate Internet resources for reliability and validity.

8. Prepare simple documents and other business communications.

9. Prepare reports and other business communications by integrating graphics and other non-text elements.

10. Prepare complex multi-media publications.

11. Prepare presentations for training, sales and information sharing.

12. Deliver presentations with supporting materials.

13. Create a spreadsheet.

14. Perform calculations and analyses on data using a spreadsheet.

15. Manipulate data elements.

16. Manage interrelated data elements.

17. Analyze interrelated data elements.

18. Generate reports showing interrelated data elements.

19. Facilitate group work through management of shared schedule and contact information.

20. Facilitate group work through management of shared files and online information.

21. Facilitate group work through instant messaging or virtual meetings.

22. Manage computer operations.

23. Manage file storage.

24. Compress or alter files.

25. Operate computer driven equipment and machines.

26. Use installation and operation manuals.

27. Troubleshoot computer driven equipment and machines.

28. Access support as needed to maintain operation of computer driven equipment and machines.

29. Use IT in support of gathering, storage, and transfer of data or results in appropriate formats to support assigned projects.

30. Select and use assorted forms of IT to meet the requirements of a plan, process, project, report, issue, or problem.


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